Jasmin Werner

May 7 - 14, 2016


“… I would like to follow up on that. I didn‘t feel any significant change over the last years either. How can you? Everything is constantly changing anyways.

Also, I can’t think of life as a curve, like other people do. A curve that first goes up, has a small peak and then bends down, the older you get.

All in good times but not everything all the time.

But saying that I must admit I am nowadays considering carefully where to put my energy. This has to do with experience, I know now that not everything is worth going for. I am still my mother’s daughter, after all.

Maybe something has changed. But nevertheless I’ve stayed extremely curious, constantly exploring new stuff, trying out all sorts of things because, hey, … it‘s great fun!

It wouldn‘t be fun to become outdated though, if outdated would mean to withdraw from the possibilities the world offers you and not to live with full potential anymore.

And if I can give a final thought : if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that : fantasies are fun to share, sure, but once shared, half their magic, their ineluctable power, is gone.

They are sea pebbles upon which the waters have dried.

Is that a mystery? 

So are we all.“