Sóley Ragnarsdóttir & Anders Dickson

November 19 - 27, 2015


The woman in the red dress crosses the street. She seems to be royal, a queen maybe. I am looking at her until she disappears behind the next corner. He is an observer. I knew that since the first day I've seen him. While sitting by the water I notice the donkey crossing the bridge. The donkey is an underestimated animal. Horses will always dominate. Am I a good person?, he asks. Mermaids never lie. You know that. Which organ is your favorite? – I like my skin. She gets upset when recognizing the backdoor is missing.

No thanks. Maybe another time.



What does collaboration mean? How can one use the other's strategies and extend hers or his aesthetic vocabulary? For the first show at JOHAN, Sóley Ragnarsdóttir and Anders Dickson accumulate each others practices. In a process-based experiment they hand over each others works back and forth to let them be finalized by the other person. In this artistic dialogue, spoken and painted, they find a common language that asks questions about authorship and cooperation and demonstrate in how far new images and ideas emerge out of a direct exchange between two artists. Hybrid figures and characters jump right out of a tale, meet in the dense paintings and sculptures and tell an abstract narrative about encounter, failing, and being.

Exhibition curated by: Miriam Bettin

Text: Miriam Bettin