Yong Xiang Li and François Pisapia
Summer Buzz

Dear all,

This Wednesday, August 8th

You are warmly invited to

Summer Buzz

A show by Yong Xiang Li and François Pisapia.
at Johanne, Dürerstraße 10.

Drinks will be served at 8:00 PM.
The acts will go on stage at 8:30 PM.
Followed by a pleasant evening of music, visuals and good company.

We hope you will join u

Yours Truly,

S & F

‘trap’, at Städelschule garden in spring 2018

‘trap’, at Städelschule garden in spring 2018

invitation card

invitation card

‘stage’ before show

‘stage’ before show

’trap’ before show

’trap’ before show

They talk of bug-like creatures
Peculiar creatures that rally at night,
They go around public luminous structures,
Hum around them, and suck the light dry.

Then they fly to nearby houses, 
they fly with stomachs full.
They find the nearest mortal,
Then bite and unload their glow.

And that’s the start of it.

I’m grateful to see so many of you,
in this heat too much to bear.
you come to our humble cellar,
in its most possible glamour.
Shimmer, waver.
Black cable and blue flare.
Please shut the door behind you,
for it’s bug season, beware. 

F will recount for you
tales and rumours of the summer buzz.
S, who has been grudgingly glowing for years, 
will sing you a song of his daily fuzz.

*cricket cricket*

post-show karaoke

post-show karaoke